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Have you taken part in the Ultimate 3D Battle?

TRANSFORMERS The Ride made its world debut at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on 3 Dec 2011. Have you tried the ride yet? The same ride will open at Universal Studios Hollywood come May 2012.

And come this March, complete the TRANSFORMERS experience at the Resorts World Sentosa Singapore TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con 2012! To be held from 11-14 March 2012, more information will be available soon on this blog! So stay tuned!

Suit Up!

03.12.11. – the date we’re all counting down to. Marching orders have been given as we look forward to The Ultimate 3D Battle hitting the park and YOU, our NEST recruits, getting in line to help the AUTOBOTS safeguard the final, remaining shard of the ALLSPARK.

Come meet the base personnel as they usher you through orientation, onto your battle onboard EVAC.

It’s going to be intense and we’re all suited up for the showdown. Shape up, recruits, the AUTOBOTS await your reinforcements from tomorrow!

NEST Personnel welcomes new recruits onboard.

And for those of you who wants to know more behind the ride, here’a s look at this technological marvel:

TRANSFORMERSThe Ride: From Blockbuster Movies to Blockbuster Theme Park Attraction

Here at Universal Studios Singapore, we give you the chance to go beyond the screen and Ride The Movies! In just five days, TRANSFORMERS The Ride will become the newest blockbuster attraction to do just that!

And how do we create experiences that put guests in the middle of their favourite adventures at Universal Studios Singapore? Here to tell you more is Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative and Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President of Universal Creative.

More Fun Facts on TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

This is launch week! Are you as excited as we are?  Here’s some more facts on the ride, before it officially opens this Saturday!
  • This indoor attraction will feature a total of 11 TRANSFORMERS characters – four AUTOBOTS and seven DECEPTICONS. They are: OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, SIDESWIPE and WHEELIE as well as MEGATRON, RAVAGE, SIDEWAYS, GRINDOR, DEVASTATOR, BONECRUSHER, as well as STARSCREAM.
  • Michael Bay served as the creative consultant for the ride, and with the attraction also featuring voice characters from the feature films, this attraction will give you the unique experience to “Ride the Movies™”!

And don’t forget to vote for your favourite AUTOBOT logo in our Pledge Your Allegiance contest, you can help 10 lucky winners win exclusive invites to the launch party!


Preparing for Combat

Recruits, you have been briefed. Your mission is to protect the remaining shard of the ALLSPARK from the evil DECEPTICONS.

You have also met EVAC, who will do his best to transport you and the ALLSPARK to safety. Now, put on your battle glasses and prepare for the ultimate 3D battle.

TRANSFORMERS The Ride Starts 3 December at Universal Studios Singapore!

Reserve your tickets now at!

Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts on TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle!

  • The entire process, from conceptualisation to construction, took more than 4 years. The planning started even before Resorts World Sentosa was built!
  • Even if you have never owned a TRANSFORMERS action figure, or watched a single installment of the TRANSFORMERS films, don’t fret! The queue lines are built to transport you into the world of TRANSFORMERS and immerse you into the story from the moment you step in. That’s why we call it the Pre-Show!

Can’t wait to know more about the ride? Stay tuned to this blog!

Getting to know: Thierry Coup

Thierry Coup

It’s time for us to meet the lead creative mind behind TRANSFORMERS The Ride.  This is part one of a two-part interview with Mr. Thierry Coup.