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Contest: Pledge Your Allegiance – Winners


Congratulations to the following recruits, whom have each won for themselves a pair of invites to the launch party of TRANSFORMERS The Ride!

Contest: Pledge Your Allegiance – Voting Starts!

Impressive, everyone ‐ All entries for Contest: Pledge Your Allegiance are now collated below.

Let the voting begin!

Gather your friends, family and other alliance to vote for you. The TOP 10 entries will each win a pair of exclusive invites to the launch party!

How to vote?

Simply click on the "Like" button at the top of the page!

  • Each entry is tagged with a “Like” button at the top of the page, and all you need to do is to “like” the picture you feel is the most creative!
  • Each registered Facebook user will be allowed to vote once one each photo.
  • Feel free to share your entry and gather more votes! Voting starts now and will end on 28 November at 2359 HRS. Spread the news and may the best man win!

View entries:

Time Extension

Good job Humans, the AUTOBOTS are pleased with the creations submitted thus far. So, they have decided more should be recruited - you have till 22 Nov to Pledge Your Allegiance. Keep them rolling in!

And here are some interesting creations we picked up on cyberspace for your inspiration. (Photos from internet)  

 Cookie cutter magic

Topping it off

 When it all comes together

More than meets the eye, or in this case, nails 

 Think you can top these with a creation of your own? Hurry, this is the last weekend for entries! – 


Contest: Pledge Your Allegiance

AUTOBOTS –   allies to the human race in this battle. For years, they’ve hid themselves among us as our silent guardians. Now, it’s time for us to pay tribute to all they’ve done on Planet Earth.

Your Mission: Form the AUTOBOT shield in the most creative way possible. Be it screws, beans, straws, or even draw it out using sand or ketchup sauce, you name it. You are free to enlist help, but think outside the box – it’s more than meets the eye!

Your Reward: Exclusive invites to the evening launch party on 2 December!

Contest: Battle Stations! Winners


Contest: Battle Stations!

Show us how you would depict a battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS! Bring out your arsenal of TRANSFORMERS figurines, take the most creative picture and send them to us!

Take note, your photo MUST include the attached logo in the background, simply choose the size you prefer and print it out in colour or black & white! The winners of the three most creative photos will get an exclusive TRANSFORMERS The Ride souvenir – before anyone else!